Yellow Box is a boutique, highly sort after, true Australian native honey. The Yellow Box tree, from the Eucalyptus family can be found as far south as Western Victoria to as far North as Queensland along the Great Dividing Range. The trunk bark is often rough and course in texture showing tinges of yellows to reddish-browns. The upper limbs loose a majority of their bark creating an off white colouring with a less fibrous appearance.

The beautiful soft cream blossoms create a silky smooth, floral, exceptionally sweet, lightly golden honey. As one of, if not Australia's favourite native honey flavours, Yellow Box is a must have to try with any of your baking, over the top of your breakfast muesli or simply on a warm buttery piece of toast in the morning. A perfect way to start your day!

Available in 1kg PET containers, 500g Glass jars and 250g PET square containers.