Ultimate Household Pack
  • Ultimate Household Pack
  • Ultimate Household Pack

Ultimate Household Pack


With global warming and plastic pollution becoming an ever increasing danger and threat to our planet we wanted to create a pack of Beeswax Food Wraps that will allow a family like our own to make a difference in the world and end the use of plastic food wrap from their home all together!

This is how the Ultimate Household Pack become our favourite product, providing a wide range of sizes from Giant all the way through to our small wraps.

This truly economical and colourful pack contains 27 wraps in total, two giant, six large, nine mediums and 10 small!

From large loaves of sourdough and full celery or watermelon to sandwiches, cheese and offcuts of produce such as avocado and apples, this pack truly includes a wrap for everything you wish to cover.

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