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Pure Australian 1kg

Our most popular variety with a robust flavour and medium colour. Perfect as an every day table honey.

Yellow box

Yellow box honey is known as a favourite throughout Australia. It has a sweet mild flavour and is great for any dish. It also has the lowest GI of any Australian honey.
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Iron bark honey

Iron bark has a light colour and mild flavour making it a favourite for baking, in a smoothie or on some fresh buttered bread

Red Gum

Red gum has a distinct floral taste and is a must on our table.

Creamed Honey

Our creamed honey is one of the best. It’s not just us saying that it is our customers!


Our honeycomb is amazing. It is just as it was in the bees hive, we just conveniently package it into 200g portions. Perfect straight from the tub or with muffins, porridge or as a dessert. Chew and swallow or discard the wax.