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Honeycomb 200g
  • Honeycomb 200g
  • Honeycomb 200g
  • Honeycomb 200g

Honeycomb 200g

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Hardworking bees along Eastern Australia create our family produced honeycomb. Taken straight from the hive our honeycomb is the most natural and unprocessed source of honey you can buy, containing unfiltered pollen, antioxidants and enzymes that help protect the body from infections and boost the immune system.

 There are many ways you can use honeycomb, here are just a few of our favourites:

- Simply cut off a chunk and enjoy as a healthy sweet treat.
- Spread over a warm slice of toast or an English muffin.
- Slather a baguette with Brie, and then top with chunks of honeycomb.
- Slice into small cubes to top a salad.
- Mix it in with natural yoghurt or ice cream.
- Use in cooking to decorate your favourite desserts.

- Add that special touch to your entertaining cheese plate.

 We hope you enjoy our pure honeycomb as much as we do!